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Knowledge Is Power

Each month, investors ask HomeFixers affiliates to walk through potential investment houses to help answer the questions: “What should I do to maximize my profit? Where are the major risks? What’s the improvement cost going to be? How long will it take?”

The HomeFixers Rehab Cost Assessment™ (RCA™) helps answer these questions. During our 90-minute walk-through, we capture hundreds of data points about a property that allow us to give quick, comprehensive and reliable cost information in a summary analysis that’s backed with a detailed report.

Additionally, we share our collective experience of rehabbing nearly 1000 houses for investors around the country to provide you with an informed opinion about what you can do to get the most value out of your house.

The Investor's Toolbox gives you access to the same tools we've used for 1000 flips. Follow the link, take a tour and get our investment calculator for free.

Contact HomeFixers today to schedule an RCA.